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Interview: Inside the World of Fresh Food Kitchens

Ready to explore a world where culinary excellence isn’t just a goal but a way of life? In this exclusive interview, meet Dela, a culinary virtuoso at the heart of Fresh Food Kitchens. Join us as we step into the vibrant world of Fresh Food Kitchens, where every dish is a masterpiece in the making.

  1. What aspect of Fresh Food Kitchens excites you the most?

What excites me the most about Fresh Food Kitchens is the extraordinary sense of teamwork that permeates every aspect of our operation. It’s invigorating to collaborate with colleagues who share a passion for culinary excellence and innovation. Together, we create an environment where creativity thrives, and every member of the team plays a vital role in bringing our delicious creations to life.

2. In a bustling kitchen, how do you personally ensure that each dish maintains the highest level of quality and consistency? Could you share some experiences from your culinary journey?

In a bustling kitchen, my commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality and consistency is unwavering. To achieve this, I’ve made it a point to memorize every recipe, ensuring that I have a solid foundation to work from. Even under pressure, when the kitchen is at its busiest, my dedication to these recipes helps me maintain consistency.

I remember one particular instance early in my culinary journey when the kitchen was in full swing. The pressure was intense, and it momentarily caused me to forget a crucial recipe. But my training and dedication kicked in, and I trusted my memory to guide me. In the end, I was able to recreate the dish flawlessly, thanks to the rigorous training and the strong foundation I’ve built.

3. Teamwork is crucial here at Fresh Food Kitchens. Can you tell us about a time when your collaborative efforts contributed to seamless kitchen operations and the timely delivery of meals?

At Fresh Food Kitchens, teamwork is the backbone of our success, and my commitment to collaborative efforts has been a consistent theme throughout my journey here. One particular instance that stands out was during my initial days, when I was yet to master all the recipes. I wholeheartedly embraced collaboration, working seamlessly with my fellow kitchen team members. Together, we ensured that every dish was prepared to perfection and served promptly.

4. Adapting to diverse culinary demands while upholding quality can be quite a task. Could you share how you manage this balance and any unique approaches you bring to it?

Adapting to diverse culinary demands while upholding unwavering quality standards is indeed a multifaceted challenge, and it’s one that I approach with a deep passion for the kitchen. My commitment to excellence drives me to consistently strive for perfection in everything I do within these culinary walls.

5. Safety and quality are paramount in our kitchen. How do you consistently ensure that our food safety standards are met and exceeded?

At Fresh Food Kitchens, safety and quality are non-negotiable priorities in our kitchen, and I take this responsibility to heart. To consistently meet and exceed our food safety standards, I adhere to a rigorous regimen of cleanliness and hygiene. I maintain a meticulously tidy and clean work environment, ensuring that every surface and utensil is sanitized to the highest standards. It’s this unwavering commitment to safety and quality that sets the foundation for our kitchen’s success at Fresh Food Kitchens.

6. Every kitchen faces its challenges. Can you recount a particularly demanding day and how you and your team rose to the occasion, all while maintaining the exceptional standards we hold at Fresh Food Kitchens?

Indeed, every kitchen encounters its fair share of challenges, and some of the most demanding moments often revolve around high-pressure situations. On those occasions, I find that rallying my team and fostering a spirit of unity is key to upholding the exceptional standards we hold dear at Fresh Food Kitchens.

I recall a particularly intense day when the kitchen was buzzing with activity, and the pressure was palpable. In such moments, I swiftly called upon the collective strength of our team, emphasizing the importance of working together seamlessly. We huddled together, focused on our shared goal: delivering fresh, exceptional meals on time, just as our customers expect.

7. Your engagement is vital to our success. How do you personally stay motivated and invested in your role here at Fresh Food Kitchens? We’re eager to learn about what drives you.

Staying motivated and fully invested in my role at Fresh Food Kitchens comes naturally because the kitchen is not just my workplace; it’s my passion. When you’re doing what you genuinely love, it’s second nature to give it your all.

What drives me every day is the simple fact that I get to do what I’m most passionate about. It’s a privilege to be part of a team that values excellence, innovation, and creativity. Working in such a comfortable and supportive environment is a constant source of motivation, and it inspires me to continually strive for greatness in every dish I prepare.

8. What do you enjoy most about cooking and being in the kitchen?

While there are many aspects of cooking and being in the kitchen that I enjoy, one of the most rewarding elements is undoubtedly the incredible feedback we receive from our customers. Hearing their satisfaction and delight after enjoying our dishes is not just gratifying but also a powerful source of motivation. It reminds me that what we do in the kitchen isn’t just about creating meals; it’s about crafting memorable experiences and leaving a positive impact on those we serve.

9. Can you share a favorite dish you like to prepare, and what makes it special to you?

Absolutely, one of my all-time favorite dishes to prepare is the Greek Fusion Salad. What makes it incredibly special to me is the harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and vibrant colors. Preparing this salad is a delightful journey, where each ingredient is meticulously chosen to ensure it not only tastes fantastic but also looks like a work of art on the plate.

10. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or interests that you’re passionate about?

Absolutely, outside of work, I have a couple of passions that keep me fully engaged. Traveling is a deep passion of mine. Exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures is not only exciting but also an excellent source of culinary inspiration. Trying new dishes and flavors from around the world adds an extra layer of excitement to my travels, making each trip a delightful adventure.

Our conversation with Dela has been a delightful journey through Fresh Food Kitchens’ culinary realm. What’s next on our flavorful adventure? Stay tuned for more delectable stories and creations, as we continue to savor the passion and dedication that define our kitchen.

Interview: Unveiling the Magic of Coffee

I had the pleasure of sitting down with none other than Alicja, the maestro of the espresso machine at Fresh Food Kitchens. A true virtuoso in the world of coffee, Alicja brings a touch of magic to every cup, making her an indispensable part of our culinary journey.

  1. What’s your favorite way to unwind outside of work? Any special hobbies or activities that light you up?

I’m an avid bookworm, and I’ve been devouring books since the age of six. This lifelong habit has given me unique insights into the diverse needs and challenges people face. I easily breeze through three or four books each week. Additionally, I have a quirky yet rewarding hobby of training my cats, which serves as an exercise in patience and understanding.

2. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. What’s your go-to dish that always steals the show?

I’m a joyful woman, and in our household, my fiancé takes the lead in the kitchen. My culinary masterpiece? Well, it’s my delightful creation of cheese and onion Lays crisps.

3. If you could travel to any place in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why? What’s the first thing you’d do there?

Anywhere, as long as it’s deep in the woods beside a serene lake. The first thing I’d do is take a refreshing dip in the lake, of course.  Then, it’s all about losing myself in the pages of a good book, whether it’s under the starry night on the porch or cozying up by the fireplace.

4. What’s your secret to crafting coffee and beverages that burst with flavor and quality?

I’m always in the zone when I’m behind the coffee counter. I’m a firm believer that mastering the basics of coffee brewing can yield a fantastic cup. But here’s my secret sauce: I infuse every brew with a dash of my own positive vibes and a whole lot of love. That’s the real key to making each cup truly exceptional.

5. Share a story of a customer interaction that left a lasting impression. How did you go the extra mile?

My approach to customer interaction is simple: it’s all about honesty and authenticity. I believe in being genuinely myself, and that’s how I transform transactions into friendly connections. It’s the recipe that makes our customers feel right at home.

6. Handling special requests and dietary needs can be a puzzle. How do you make sure everyone leaves with a smile?

My secret sauce? I’m a great listener. Positive vibes work wonders. Instead of reciting a robotic list of menu items, I approach each customer with a personal touch. Questions like ‘How are you feeling today?’ or ‘Are you here for a break or powering through work?’ help me understand their needs. This way, I can recommend the perfect meal, and customers feel like they’re chatting with a friend who genuinely cares.

7. It’s like a synchronized dance between the bar and the kitchen. Can you tell us about a time when everything just clicked?

In the realm of customer service, that magical ‘click’ is what we all aspire to achieve. When it finally happens, I feel like I’m flying in the air, a feeling beyond compare.

8. Any cool tricks up your sleeve? Have you explored any exciting training or skills to rock the barista game?

My co-worker and I underwent personalized training sessions with some of the top baristas. The outcome? Well, let’s just say that some folks claim I brew the finest coffee in town.

9. Every superhero has their moment. Can you share a tale of how you turned a tricky situation into a happy customer?

One day, a customer approached me with an unusual request – a sandwich with only chicken and green vegetables. Emphasizing ‘green’ vegetables. Concerned, I couldn’t help but ask about the backstory behind this specific order. What followed was a brief but heartfelt conversation that revealed the customer was navigating a highly stressful phase in life. Sometime later, he returned, and this time, his demeanor was brighter. He stopped by for a coffee and to express his gratitude for our genuine conversation. It’s a reminder that, like a bartender, a barista can be a trusted confidant, with coffee often opening the door to meaningful connections.

10. Lastly… what is YOUR go-to coffee?

When it comes to my caffeine fix, I’m all about espresso to savor the pure essence of flavor. But in my daily routine, I like to mix things up with a double long espresso, infused with a hint of milk. As the seasons change, so does my preference – in the chill of autumn and winter, I prefer my coffee hot, and in spring and summer, I always get an iced coffee.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Alicja, discovering the wonderful stories and delicious drinks at Fresh Food Kitchens! Alicja’s commitment to making great coffee and her creative approach to serving customers truly represent what Fresh Food Kitchens is all about. We can’t wait to see what she brews up next, and we’re excited to be part of her coffee journey.

Interview: Leading the Path to Culinary Excellence!

We had the chance to catch-up with Fresh Food Kitchen’s general manager, Peter Larkin, who has a plethora of experience, and one of the finest in the country!

Peter’s role at Fresh Food Kitchens is the General Manger, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Apart from day-to-day operations, budgeting and payroll you can also find him making coffee or dispatching deliveries. He loves the challenge of the job along with the satisfaction of the team performing so well under so much pressure.

  1. What’s the secret sauce that makes the team at Fresh Food Kitchens sizzle and dazzle?

Our team? They’re pure positive energy! They work together seamlessly, while having a blast, even when orders come pouring in from all directions! They’ve got the superpower of multitasking, handling web, phone, and in-store orders like seasoned pros, all while keeping their cool. It’s a special blend that sets us apart—efficiency with a side of fun, making every moment sizzle and every customer dazzled!

2. What sparked the creation of these restaurants, and what sets them apart from the crowd?

Fresh Food Kitchens emerged from the flames of Covid restrictions, ignited by the need for dedicated delivery and takeout spaces. Our innovative concept focuses solely on crafting mouthwatering food, eliminating the traditional dining area. That’s what sets us apart—we bring multiple brands under one roof, a trailblazing experience you won’t find elsewhere.

3. Can you spill the beans on the philosophy and vision that sizzle behind your menus and tantalizing culinary offerings?

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: a sustainable food haven that caters to diverse consumer needs. We celebrate locally sourced ingredients, nurture local talent, and offer a wide array of brands. Our vision? To craft exciting menus and brands that deliver exceptional quality, value, and abundant choices.

4. How do you ensure that only the top-quality ingredients make it into your dishes, sourced responsibly with a pinch of perfection?

Fresh Food Kitchens’ secret? Building strong relationships with local suppliers who prioritize quality and sustainability. We champion responsible farming and fair labor practices. Locally sourced ingredients take the spotlight, with organic options whenever possible. And the magic happens with daily deliveries, ensuring our dishes shine with freshness and uncompromising quality.

5. How do you whip up culinary miracles to cater to every taste bud, accommodating even the most peculiar dietary wishes and preferences?

Our menus boast a wide variety of options with clear dietary information, including Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Nut-Free choices. Customization is key, with plentiful add-ons and a ‘make your own’ option. Our attentive team excels at accommodating special requests, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all.

6. Any top-secret dishes or irresistible bites on the menu that you absolutely must sink your teeth into as a first-time visitor?

Calling all first-time visitors! Brace yourselves for a flavor adventure like no other. Our menu hides secret treasures you can’t resist. Try Toastie by Ghosty’s Steak & Cheese sandwich, savor the Tuscan Chicken Pasta Salad with a Booster Shot from Fresh Salad Company, and experience the fiery delight of Makai Poke Bowls’ Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke. Don’t miss Bagel Bomb’s New York Deli Pastrami Bagel, indulge in Café Sketo’s Salted Caramel Energy Balls, and get refreshed with Juicy Jay’s Reset Cold Pressed Juice. And that’s just the beginning! Our menu holds many more delights, accompanied by the town’s finest coffee.

7. How does the voice of your hungry customers shape and season your offerings, turning feedback into mouthwatering improvements?

Customer feedback flavors our success! Their voice shapes our offerings, turning feedback into delicious improvements. We value every comment, whether positive or negative, using it to refine our menu and enhance customer relationships. Through multiple channels, we actively listen and take action. For us, feedback is the secret ingredient that transforms ordinary into extraordinary!

8. Are there any delicious plans simmering in the pot for expanding or unveiling new brands in the future?

Hungry for more? Expansion is on our plate! We’re simmering with excitement, ready to launch exciting new brands. The near future holds tantalizing surprises, just around the corner. Stay tuned and keep your appetite primed!

9. How do you keep your finger on the pulse of the tastiest food trends and industry buzz to ensure your brands remain fresh, vibrant, and a feast for the senses?

With a young, savvy marketing team, we stay fresh and vibrant. Social media inspires us, trends guide us, and the local community fuels us. Customer feedback drives our evolution, ensuring our brands remain a feast for the senses. At our table, innovation is always on the menu!

10. What’s the spiciest ingredient that adds the most flavor to your role in managing Fresh Food Kitchens brands? Tell us what you relish the most!

The ultimate flavor booster in managing Fresh Food Kitchens brands? Hearing amazing feedback from unsuspecting fans. That’s what I relish the most! It’s proof that our hard work shines, creating something truly extraordinary. At Fresh Food Kitchens, success is the secret ingredient we savor!

I really enjoyed this interview with Peter, sharing the enticing secrets and delectable stories behind Fresh Food Kitchens! From their commitment to quality and sustainability to their innovative menus and customer-centric approach, Fresh Food Kitchens is truly a culinary force to be reckoned with. As they continue to thrive and surprise us with their tantalizing creations, we eagerly await the next chapter in their flavorful journey.

Interview: Unveiling the Secrets of Success!

With over 17 years of experience in HORECA, F&B, customer service, and the hospitality industry, Fresh Food Kitchens’ shift leader Yiannis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Join us to uncover his secrets to success, and explore the world of Fresh Food Kitchens.

  1. What ignited the flame of excitement that drew you to join the sizzling Fresh Food Kitchens team?

From the very first interview, I was instantly captivated by the innovative concept and vibrant energy at Fresh Food Kitchens. Our General Manager, Mr. Peter, showcased unparalleled preparation and enthusiasm, leaving a lasting impression. The dynamic environment, creative teamwork, and relentless pursuit of culinary excellence were irresistible. Now, as a proud member of this remarkable team, I am fuelled by passion and driven by innovation.

2. What spices up the difference between a team that sizzles with greatness and one that’s just average?

It’s the perfect blend of consistently providing fresh, healthy products and delivering exceptional customer service. At Fresh Food Kitchens, we understand the importance of quality ingredients and the power of teamwork. Together, we create an extraordinary experience that sets us apart from the rest.

3. How do you ensure that every bite from Fresh Food Kitchens is a flavor explosion, consistently delivering top-notch quality and taste?

At Fresh Food Kitchens, we guarantee an unforgettable taste experience by carefully selecting fresh ingredients and applying meticulous attention to detail. Our culinary artisans craft each dish with passion and precision, ensuring consistent excellence.

4. Can you unveil the secret recipe of the training process that transforms your team into culinary superheroes?

Our secret recipe for transforming our team into culinary superheroes lies in our top-notch training. We leave no aspect untouched, covering food safety, customer service, and more. For baristas, we provide fundamental knowledge and professional training, fuelling their passion for crafting exceptional coffee. This comprehensive approach empowers our team to deliver the highest quality for our customers.

5. What secret ingredients do you seek in the recipe for a stellar team member that leaves a delectable impression?

At Fresh Food Kitchens, we value the power of a genuine smile, the flexibility to adapt, a strong spirit of teamwork, and a hunger for continuous learning. These secret ingredients create a stellar team that leaves a lasting, delectable impression on our customers.

6. How do you envision the expansion of Fresh Food Kitchens tantalizing taste buds in the near future?

Fresh Food Kitchens has already made a significant impact since its launch, captivating taste buds and gaining a loyal customer base. With our commitment to providing healthy and fresh products, we have managed to acquire many customers in such a short time! Fresh Food Kitchens created big waves all over the island and not just in Nicosia. We have customers coming from different cities to get our products. The expansion of Fresh Food Kitchens is inevitable. A bigger place in Nicosia and then the sky is the limit!

7. If you had to pick just one mouthwatering Fresh Food Kitchens brand as your personal favorite, which would it be and why does it make your taste buds dance with delight?

Oh, it’s tough to choose just one favorite among the incredible Fresh Food Kitchens brands! They all have their own unique qualities that make them exceptional. Fresh Salad Company offers flavorful salads with fresh ingredients, Juicy Jay’s Juice Bar delivers the taste of 4kg of fresh fruits in a single bottle, Makai Poke Bowls provides a perfect balance of protein and fiber, and Cafe Sketo serves the best 100% Arabica coffee in town. With such a diverse and delightful lineup, Fresh Food Kitchens guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience that caters to every taste bud.

My conversation with Yiannis left me inspired and hungry for more. The dedication to quality, the passion for innovation, and the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have truly set Fresh Food Kitchens apart in the culinary landscape. I eagerly anticipate the exciting future ahead for Fresh Food Kitchens, as they continue to sizzle and dazzle taste buds with their exceptional offerings.

Interview: Unleashing Culinary Magic!

In the presence of culinary excellence, I had the privilege of sitting down with none other than Chef Thanos Pilavakis, Fresh Food Kitchens’ Executive Chef, an extraordinary talent in the world of gastronomy. With London as his birthplace and the United Kingdom as his culinary stomping ground, Chef Pilavakis has left an indelible mark on the industry. Having graced the kitchens of illustrious 5-star hotels, esteemed restaurants, and captivating venues, both at home and abroad, his culinary journey is one that knows no borders where you may also recognize him from his time on Masterchef.

Today, he graciously shares his wealth of experience, taking us on a delightful voyage through his culinary exploits and captivating creations.

1.  What makes Fresh Food Kitchens an extraordinary culinary experience that will make your taste buds do a happy dance?

Fresh Food Kitchens is a culinary adventure like no other. Our extraordinary brand line-up brings new culinary experiences to Cyprus that were previously unheard of. Let me give you a taste of our exceptional offerings.

Take, for example, the Award-Winning Toastie by Ghosty—an innovative take on a Korean concept, where we had tweaked to cater to the European palette. Our signature milk-bread is baked daily, where this gives a delightful blend of brioche and tsoureki, adding a touch of sweetness, while the range of unique options will leave you mesmerized. Our customers rave about The Cyprus Classic and the Steak & Cheese, featuring premium black angus steak, original British cheddar cheese, and a zesty homemade mustard sauce.

Our flour tortilla bread at Wrap’t Up is toasted to perfection and using the best of the best ingredients, setting us apart from the rest.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or a devoted meat-eater, our menu caters to all, offering a wide range of delectable options. We pride ourselves on the art of blending quality ingredients, crafting unique flavours and combinations that are jam packed with nutrients and flavour.

2. You mention the importance of top-notch raw produce; tell us a little more on its’ importance to you as Executive Chef and to the Company’s standards.

As an Executive Chef, I hold top-notch raw produce in the highest regard, and it sets the standard for our company. Our focus is on exceptional flavours created with simplicity. Quality, especially in local Mediterranean produce, enhances the taste and allows for exquisite flavours combinations. With premium meat and vegetables, we need less intervention to elevate their natural goodness. We believe in the power of “less is more,” using 5-6 carefully selected elements that harmonize perfectly. By sourcing and supporting organic fruits, vegetables, and local industries, our dishes speak for themselves, showcasing the true essence of outstanding ingredients.

3. Tell us the significance of having a stellar team, an international team, and what that means in practice for Fresh Food Kitchens.

A stellar team is the foundation of Fresh Food Kitchens, embodying our values and driving our success. Well-trained individuals work together like a finely tuned machine, ensuring efficiency, control, and unwavering quality. Hygiene is paramount to us, maintaining impeccable standards for a safe and clean environment. We believe in the power of humility, fostering a culture where every team member is approachable, respectful, and pleasurable to work with. A warm and inviting atmosphere is as important as the delectable dishes we create and as a cohesive and humble team, we bring our diverse talents together, creating an unforgettable culinary experience at Fresh Food Kitchens.

4. Menu engineering: Unlock the tantalizing secrets of this culinary art and how it works its magic to create a symphony of flavours at Fresh Food Kitchens.

Menu engineering is an art of crafting a menu that caters to all palettes, whether vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater – stitching menus together which will eliminate food waste, and keep our standards at the highest possible step. At Fresh Food Kitchens, we strive to create a diverse range of best-selling dishes that leave no one unsatisfied; even as a meat-eater myself, I find delight in our vegetarian options like the flavourful vegetarian poke bowl. Our menus are a perfect blend of familiarity and originality, with 80-90% offering unique culinary experiences. It’s a delicate balance to cater to a wide audience, but that’s what sets us apart. We take pride in serving vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike, all of whom become loyal return customers; the biggest compliment we could receive.

5. Take us behind the scenes of your daily kitchen adventures and the delicious difficulties you face, and reveal your secret recipe for problem-solving.

Managing not just one, but seven kitchens simultaneously requires a harmonious blend of skilled staff and extensive experience. Each station must be meticulously organized, with precise preparation, cooking, and timely service. Attention to detail is paramount, ensuring everything is done correctly and efficiently. From start to finish, a sense of urgency drives our operations, delivering exceptional culinary experiences in a seamless and timely manner. With the right team and a well-orchestrated approach, we conquer the challenge of managing multiple kitchens, leaving no room for compromise in quality or service.

6. How has your journey with FFK spiced up your role, bringing new flavours and fresh experiences compared to your previous culinary endeavours?

In one space we’re managing several brands. This takes some getting used to because every single section of the kitchen is essentially its own restaurant. Managing that on a day-to-day basis is all about knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it in a clean, effective and efficient way, and giving 100% every day.

7. We are spoilt for choice on which is our favourite dish. Could you name 5 of your favourite?

From Toastie by Ghosty I would probably have to say either the Steak & Cheese or the Peach BBQ Pulled Chicken. From Makai I would go for either the Salmon Poke Bowl, and surprisingly the Teriyaki Tofu Poke Bowl. From Fresh Salad Company, I quite like the Greek Fusion Salad, which is black eyed peas, tuna chunks, tomato, cucumber, parsley, with a nice olive oil and lemon dressing; the simplest things if they are done well often deliver the best for me. From Wrap’t Up the new Teriyaki Chicken Wrap which I love, but I also like the Caramelized Onion Hummus Wrap. And from Café Sketo I quite like the vegan energy balls.

8. Unveil the recipe for success! Share your secrets on how you lead and inspire a culinary dream team to maintain unwavering quality and standards across all mouthwatering FFK brands.

Being hands-on and attentive, I continuously check on my staff, offering valuable advice when needed. The strength of our excellent team lies in our collective input where together, we strive for effectiveness, cleanliness, and speed, always seeking ways to improve. Collaboration leads us to discover better methods, not just in terms of timing, but also in flavours and combinations. Take our new Spicy Peri Chicken Toastie, for example, where we’re constantly perfecting our homemade Spicy Peri Sauce. We learn from one another, drawing inspiration and knowledge. Every team member’s input is valued, creating a sense of importance and unity in our kitchen and more importantly the Company. The secret to our success is exceptional teamwork, where everyone plays a vital role, and everybody is encouraging of each other. Our commitment to teamwork is what sets us apart, and that helps drive us to deliver on our promise for excellence.

As I wrapped up my interview with Chef Thano, I couldn’t help but feel captivated by his passion for culinary excellence and the values instilled in Fresh Food Kitchens, from the top. Eager to experience firsthand the remarkable dining experience they offered, I had the pleasure of visiting their establishment.

Fresh Food Kitchens had etched its mark in the culinary world for Cyprus, not just through delectable flavours but by setting a standard of excellence that extended beyond the kitchen walls.