Toastie by ghosty

Double-Award at this year’s Takeout Awards, we don’t want to be average, because we want to deliver the absolute best of the best, every, single, time!

Toastie by Ghosty was inspired by the Korean ‘egg drop’, where our skilled team of chefs have spent months perfecting our recipes and have gone the whole nine yards to serve you with the absolute finest in locally sourced, fresh produce.

Our daily baked milk-bread buns have been tried, tested and perfected to know that each morning before the sun rises, your fluffy and light dough comes out of the oven baked with a Toastie smile, ready to be delivered every single morning from our local bakers.

Limited edition boxes and recipes were put together for Halloween, ushering in our dessert menu, with further limited edition boxes for MOVember, supporting men’s heal;th aware- ness month.

We’re on a mission to provide our customers with an excellent experience;
from start to finish!